“Coaching is preventing mistakes before it happens.” Lou Holtz


Thank you for your interest in coaching and consulting. I am the founder and lead coach of The Comeback Coaching Co. and The Motivations For Monday Seminar which stemmed from a passion of mine to help people  go the next level and move forward in their life, relationships, and business. For as long as I can remember I’ve been seeking out those that are down, discouraged and stuck in a rut with the full purpose of encouraging them and guiding them through practical steps to take certain aspects of their life and experience their ultimate comeback. What started from being a pastor for 24 years leading staff meetings, training volunteers, having one-on-one meetings soon morphed into a calling into personal and corporate coaching, on-sites and staff/team teaching with individuals, churches, organizations, and companies. 


I’ve been speaking publicly since 1990. Today, where and to whom I speak varies greatly. From churches, to businesses, seminars, and organizations as well as leadership trainings for churches and companies. I speak well over 100 times a year locally, across America, and international. My messages can be seen on online and I can be heard on the weekly podcast, Motivations for Monday on iTunes. 


I speak on a variety of topics. I work my messages to meet your greatest needs. I'm inspirational, motivational, humorous, and challenging. 


If you have me speak at your event, here’s what you can expect:

  • Prompt response to your email.
  • Personal consultation before the event to ensure I understand what you want.
  • Promotion of your event on my blog and social media channels.

Unleash the power of unlimited success in your life today!

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