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Life is about relationships. No one is ever meant to do life alone. Everybody needs a friend to go with them and a mentor or coach to show the way. Let's connect and go on this journey together and experience an extraordinary life.

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Meet my Family

Family: The people you live for, laugh with and love forever. Michael J Fox said, Family is not an important thing. It's everything. This is my everything.


Standing (Left to Right): Christian and Grayson, Sitting (Left to Right): Josh Rider, Cierra (Yanok) Rider, Tricia, Rob, Emily, and Evan.


What’s New?

If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that nobody goes through life unscathed—no matter how rich, how smart, how talented, or how fortunate they may be. White collar, blue collar, or no collar, there is an undeniable commonality to the raw emotion that strikes people when they are knocked down. you too will gain the inspiration and insight to understand that it’s never a matter of how far you have fallen, but instead it’s about how high you bounce back.

In this new book Rob Yanok will show you strategies, inspire you with stories and guide you step by step into your comeback. You will be motivated like never before to move forward in your life, relationships, career, and business. If you are ready for a new story, fresh hope and renewed passion for life then welcome to your ultimate comeback! Your present situation is not the final destination on your life. A bad chapter is not the end of your story. This book helps you turn the page. You will end up stronger, better, happier, and more successful than you have ever been. If you have experienced a setback and are ready for your comeback, then this is for you.

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