What I’m Doing Now

I am currently in New Albany, OH, and Here is what has my attention:

•Spending time with and being a better Husband to my wife Tricia, and a better Father to my daughters and sons, Cierra & Josh Rider, Christian, Grayson, Emily and Evan

•Pastoring, Praying, Preparing life-giving messages, and Leading my team of extraordinary leaders at GraceTown Church

•Writing in my new upcoming books, #robberbs, and robyanok.com

•Learning to manage my time more effectively, while focusing on things that really matter – God, Family, People, Life, and Eternity

•Committed to exercise, meditating, praying, sacred reading, morning rituals and eating a diet absent of sugar and processed carbs. My goal is to rid myself of type 2 diabetes

•Reading and listening too at least one book a week

•Investing time to improve every area of my life

•Living everyday with gratitude, love,  and passion

Inspired ByDavid S. Finch (3.19.1970 – 2.28.2017)